4 Fun and Flirty Summer Online Dating Tips for Singles.

1. The Days are Longer, So You Can Schedule More Dates

In the summertime, there are more hours in the day (and night) to go out on dates, so that outdoor hiking date can be scheduled morning, noon, or night.

If you’re active on popular dating apps, you can schedule multiple dates on the same day, and, if one goes well, it could extend into a second date on the spot.

2. Post Photos in Your Sexy Summer Wardrobe

Bringing out your summer wardrobe is a ritual for many, and finding that hidden gem of a halter top might be the perfect look to go with your jeans for your profile and the casual dates you’re setting up.

3. People are Happier in the Summer, and That’ll Show in Your Profile and On Your Dates

Like the Beatles song “Good Day, Sunshine,” happiness is in high gear in the summer months, and it’s easier to relax on a sunny day. Research shows that a little vitamin D can be beneficial to your body.

When you’re feeling good, it’ll reflect in your dating profile, and you’ll show up to your dates feeling more positive about yourself and your potential romantic opportunities.

4. Get Outside for a Socially Distanced Date

The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic had everyone staying home and doing video dates, but now that things are opening up again, it’s time to get outside. And there are several safe ways you and your date can do that.

You can go on a hike. If you’re not at the advanced level of elevated hiking, try walking in a park, or wandering through the woods for a fun stroll.


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How to actually seduce via conversation.

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How To Seduce Via Conversation.

The Mystery Method is a solid foundation for understanding the basic structure of a, “pickup.” There’s 3 phases: attract, comfort, seduce.

  1. Attract: This is the approach and initial conversation. You fucked this up when you said this, “Hey I think you’re really pretty, would you care to go on a date with me sometime?” There’s nothing attractive about those things. There’s nothing attractive about asking a girl out within 10 seconds of talking to her. That is the opposite of attractive, it’s needy. It basically says, “Hey I don’t know you and I don’t care, I will go on a date with anybody who is mildly attractive!” Don’t be that guy. The goal during attraction is to open and demonstrate value. You say hi, maybe compliment her if you’re going direct, maybe cold read her, tell her a story about something you just saw outside the venue, tell a joke, etc. This step lasts like 5-10 minutes and you’re looking for IOIs (indicators of interest). If she turns towards you and gives you her full attention, smiles, laughs, asks you questions, or tells you a story, those are IOIs. She’s invested in the conversation now, so we can move on.

  2. Comfort: This is building rapport and building a connection. No more overtly demonstrating value, no more performing. You aren’t a circus clown. Now you can start asking her questions about herself, get to know her and let her get to know you. Of course you are making eye contact, speaking loudly and clearly, and standing up straight like always, but you can also start kinoing here. That is slow and gradual physical escalation. Give her a high five when she mentions something she accomplished, touch her shoulder when she says something crazy or ridiculous, thumb wrestle with her, teach her a handshake, hold her hands, etc. This could take anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 hours depending on the girl and what she wants. This is the stuff that happens during your first conversation, but also throughout your dates. You may need to pause, get her number, then invite her out to continue this process. Depends on the girl and what she wants. Either way, make sure you do some of this before you mention any dates or numbers. If you make it halfway through this step, need to leave, and can come up with an excuse to grab her number and do something later, then you’re ready to number close.

  3. Seduce: This is everything from kissing to sex. Enough said. Get here first, then worry about the process.